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wholesale pretzel sales dover pa york pa


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wholesale pretzel sales dover pa york pa


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No preservatives . Baked with all natural ingredients . Hand rolled

Get REAL - Real Ingredients, Real Quality, and REAL Taste!

Soft Pretzel Bakery in Dover, Pennsylvania

Soft Pretzels & Other Pretzel Snacks

Have you been searching for a pretzel or other pretzel products that have a REAL pretzel taste? Well you've found them! Smittie's has many pretzel products available with packaging options to suit everyone. Enjoy our tasty pretzels all to yourself or share them with family, friends, your community, the girl/guy of your dreams (who doesn't love someone who gives them a tasty snack right?) Check out our many tasty treats on our Pretzel Products page.

Smittie's recognizes that not everyone wants or needs the same things. Every business, organization, and individual is unique and that is why we offer specialty products.

Want to know how to get your hands on our tasty pretzel items? Are you planning a party? Perhaps you moved out of state and have a yearning for your favorite pretzel treat or perhaps you've never had the joy of experiencing a Smittie's pretzel and want a taste. Don't despair you'll find everything you need on our Product Resources page.

Wholesale Pricing

Contact us with your tax ID number and company name for more information on our wholesale pricing


If you purchase a product from us and have a donation certification, you will pay for half and Smittie's will donate the other half!

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