pretzel twists dover pa york pa
pretzel twists dover pa york pa
pretzel twists dover pa york pa

The soft pretzel twist joined the Smittie's pretzel family just a few years ago, but has quickly gained a fan base with our pretzel lovers. The twists have a fun look to them and a tasty doughy texture. They have everything you love about our regular pretzels but with an added twist. As with all our products, they are great for parties, concession stands, fundraising, and more.
The unsalted wrapped twists are ideal for storing long-term. For more information on product handling please visit our Product Handling page.

Pretzel Options: •Salted •Unsalted

Weights: •4 oz •5 oz

Packaging Options:
•Unwrapped: Lose in a box (1-100) or (1-12) in a sanitary white paper bag.
•Wrapped: Individually or Bulk (6 to a pack)

Optional Packets: •Mustard Pack •Salt Pack

*Please note unsalted wrapped pretzels come with a salt pack. Individual salt pack with an individually wrapped pretzel (pictured above) or a bulk salt pack for bulk wrapped pretzels.