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Fund-raising With Smittie's

Do you have a special charity you'd like to support?

Maybe your child's sports team needs some new supplies and your not sure what to do next.

Well don't panic, Smittie's can help.

Fund-raising with Smittie's products is easy and can be done in a way that fits your needs. You can sell products at an event or you may want to sell sandwiches or other products ahead of time to distribute later (sample sales sheet.) The possibilities are endless.

Throw a special event to raise money for your cause, like a carnival or a fun day. Buy Smittie's products to sell at the event or use our Pretzel Hot Dog Rolls to increase your hot dog and sausage sales. The Cinnamon & Sugar Twists and the Nuggets are great for kids. Pick what suits your event best and base the quantity on how many people you expected to attend.

You could also have a specialty product made up just for your cause. We have done Breast Cancer Ribbons, Jersey Numbers, even Giant Gingerbread Man shaped pretzels. The choice is yours! Contact us to find out more.

Maybe you'd rather do a sandwich sale and sell your choice of sandwich creations on a Pretzel Roll or Slider Pretzel Roll. Smittie's has provided a sample sales sheet for you to view and, on request, we can provide you a blank version for your convenience. We have also provided some handy step-by-step instructions for those who are brand new to this method of fundraising. We want you to succeed at helping your cause, feel free to contact us for more advice or information.

Maybe you don't have enough volunteers to help make your sandwiches, what are you going to do? Don't fret! Visit our Product Resources page, there we have provided some names and contact information for some of our customers who can prepare your sandwiches for you. Just contact one of them and they will help you on your way to a sandwich sale success!

If you are interested in a product donation for your charity please complete our Donation Request Form.