The salted regular soft pretzel is the one that started it all! That's the product Smittie's built their reputation on, selling them door-to-door. Since then we have added many more pretzel products to our bakery production line but the original pretzel is still a customer favorite.

The unsalted wrapped pretzels are ideal for storing long-term. For more handling instructions please visit our Product Handling page.

Pretzel Options: •Salted •Unsalted

Weights: •4 oz •5 oz

Packaging Options:
•Unwrapped: Lose in a box (1-100) or (1-12) in a sanitary white paper bag.
•Wrapped: Individually (1 to a pack) or Bulk (6 to a pack)

Optional Packets: •Mustard Pack •Salt Pack

*Please note unsalted wrapped pretzels come with a salt pack. Individual salt pack with an individually wrapped pretzel (pictured above) or a bulk salt pack for bulk wrapped pretzels.