The soft pretzel stick joined Smittie's production years after the regular pretzel. While many people love the twisted look of the pretzel there are those who love the soft pretzel sticks more. They make for easy eating while you are going about your busy day and they are great for dipping. The mini sticks are the perfect size for young children and for party appetizers. Just like our other products they are great for fundraising and concession stands too.

The unsalted wrapped sticks are ideal for storing long-term. For more information about product handling please visit our Product Handling page.

Stick Options: •Salted •Unsalted

Weights: •4 oz •2 oz (mini)

Packaging Options:
•Unwrapped: Lose in a box (1-60) or (1-12) in a sanitary white paper bag. Minis lose in a box (1-120) or (1-24) in a sanitary white paper bag.
•Wrapped: Individually (1 to a pack) or Bulk (6 to a pack.) Minis are wrapped Bulk (10 to a pack.)

Optional Packets: •Mustard Pack •Salt Pack

*Please note unsalted wrapped sticks come with a salt pack. Individual salt pack with an individually wrapped stick or a bulk salt pack for bulk wrapped sticks (pictured above.)